Hyperloop Capsule, 1080 km/h In Dubai

Hyperloop: It means SuperSpeed Teleporting this how it has been called by¬†Elon Musk, it is all about pipes with very low pressure that is totally empty from air connecting tow stations, it contain capsules to transport people from station to another. The capsules are moving super fast with zero friction with walls, the capsules are […]

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Huawei Y6 2018 Is Officially Here, With Face ID Recognition

Huawei officially reveal the new 2018 Y6, with ordinary specifications, big Screen 18:9 HD dimensions. Specifications: *Snapdragon processor 425 *Rear Camera 13MP *Front Camera 5MP *5.7 inch screen *Random memory 2 GB *16 GB internal storage *MicroSD port *3,000mAh battery *Android Arroyo *Facial recognition *2 SIM Cards Colors: *Blue *Black *Gold