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Huawei Y6 2018 Is Officially Here, With Face ID Recognition

Huawei officially reveal the new 2018 Y6, with ordinary specifications, big Screen 18:9 HD dimensions. Specifications: *Snapdragon processor 425 *Rear Camera 13MP *Front Camera 5MP *5.7 inch screen *Random memory 2 GB *16 GB internal storage *MicroSD port *3,000mAh battery *Android Arroyo *Facial recognition *2 SIM Cards Colors: *Blue *Black *Gold


Method of working an electronic questionnaire

The questionnaire is one of the most important methods used to know the opinions of people on a particular subject. The electronic questionnaire helps to teach a lot of things that are practical and scientific in some cases and contributes greatly to the planning of large projects. To include the appropriate information, by asking some […]


Steps to Reduce the Speed of Windows Updates 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft today, the best operating system for computers because of its advantages, Windows 10 always updates its ongoing updates, which come periodically, including updates to the operating system or updates to the applications of the store or updates to security, and many suffer Of low Internet speed when […]


The difference between free sources and sources Closed

There are several types of computer resources or software, which differ in terms of their presentation to the public. There are free sources, there are free sources, there are open sources, and sources are closed. The difference between free sources and closed sources I. Free sources Free sources are sources that can be used, studied, […]


Explain the program Peugeot live bigo live

After the spread of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and the applications of conversations such as Watts and Faber, this led to the emergence of applications to share photos and short videos, the most famous applications is Snape Chat, Entagram and others. Peugeot Live is one of the applications that made ordinary […]


5 features for Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Firefox Quantum new, if you think that the competition in the world of technology is limited only to smart phones and helicopters are certainly wrong, there is also great competition in the world of browsers and if we look at the past we will see that Internet Explorer was the leader in use until […]


How to restore whatsapp conversations

The famous Wattsp program is now the first instant messaging program in the world, but the problem here is if you lost the conversations, photos and files that you shared previously. What is the way to restore the Watts talk? , All files can be transferred through it faster and became all categories of young […]


English – Arabic Translator

English, one of the ancient Germanic languages, is the language of science and study today. It is one of the most important languages ​​in the world to communicate among the peoples of the world. English has many dialects, which have added many linguistic structures and vocabulary. The size of their speakers, and to suit all […]