Lenovo Flex 11 .. Cheap Convertible Computer

Despite the technological development and the love of people to carry small-sized smart phones to move anywhere, there is a small crisis in the consideration of the mobile may not provide all the services desired by the individual and therefore you must acquire a laptop or tablet, Lenovo is unveiling a new, cheap laptop computer […]

Computing Games

Specifications of gaming computers

If you are looking for a laptop that offers great performance and the games are your goal from this device, there are many devices designed for you and each of them has its own advantages, before thinking about buying your computer games should know some important things about these devices and what is the best […]


How to download the Pdf software on your computer

PDF Definition: PDF is a portable document format, which means the process of formatting downloaded documents. This format was developed during the year A, Ninety, Three and Ninety Gregorian, by Adobe, and during the coordination process All the elements in this file format are made into a single file. This file is similar, but its […]


HP Launches Second Generation Elite Slice Mini PC

HP launched the second-generation Elite Slice, which was launched at IFA 2016; and the 55K 4-inch LD5512 meeting screen. The device comes with Skype Room Systems and takes advantage of the Optional Room Control Center, a 12.3-inch touch screen tablet connected via a 1.3-meter cable that allows you to easily manage conference calls. The optional […]