Lamborghini Urus 2019, The Fastest SUV Car In World

Lamborghini Urus is now officially the fastest SUV car in the meantime. This new car is the first Turbo car in the Lamborghini history, considered the second SUV car in Lamborghini history since Lamborghini LM002-1986 Urus has been designed specifically for commercial production, Urus has got some design lines from L-aventador; L-countach; L-LM002. Urus considered as SUV-Sport-SuperCar, and there’s […]


Porsche Cayenne E Hybrid 2019 Officially Revealed

Porsche Cayenne E Hybrid 2019 has been designed exactly like Porsche Cayenne which using 2 engines-benzene, the new 2019 car provided with green brake discs, also supplied with 22-inch light metal wheels. This Porsche supplied with 2 engines. Benzene-Engine V6, 3LT with turbo that generates 335-HP, 450-NM. Electric-Engine that generates 134-HP, 400-NM, this engine gets the […]


Hyperloop Capsule, 1080 km/h In Dubai

Hyperloop: It means SuperSpeed Teleporting this how it has been called by Elon Musk, it is all about pipes with very low pressure that is totally empty from air connecting tow stations, it contain capsules to transport people from station to another. The capsules are moving super fast with zero friction with walls, the capsules are […]


Formula 1, The Great Award’s New Tires Strategies

Formula 1 championship for the 3rd time moving toward Baku ring in Azerbaijan, where the first championship started in 2016, which named as – European great award, and the next year championship was named – Azerbaijan’s great award. Baku ring is 6km in the capital Baku, overlook on the skyscrapers, castles, the ring contains a mixture between the […]


Mercedes Sedan 2019 With CLS’s Design, And S-Class’s Technics

Mercedes A-Class L Sedan Officially In 2019   The new sedan mercedes has been revealed officially, and modified very well this time. It comes with CLS’s design, and S-Class’s technics, the new version will be produced exclusively in chinese market within bin daimler and BAIC partnership. The chinese L version will be tall, and the global version will be A-Class […]