Xiaomi dispatches Dr Bei Sonic Electric Toothbrush in China for RMB 99

Xiaomi dispatches Dr Bei Sonic Electric Toothbrush in China for RMB 99

Xiaomi dispatches Dr Bei Sonic Electric Toothbrush in China for RMB 99

Xiaomi just propelled another Dr Bei Sonic Electronic toothbrush in China. The organization as of now has a line of the mechanical toothbrushes, however this would be its first electronic variation. In the same way as other odd developments from Xiaomi, the electric toothbrush is additionally being crowdfunded on Xiaomi’s Youpin site. The item is estimated at RMB 99 (around Rs 1,000) and is relied upon to begin transporting in China on June 20.

As the name recommends, the Dr Bei toothbrush utilizes Sonic innovation, which is additionally utilized by a portion of the superior items in the market. The innovation utilizes two unique techniques to clean teeth. Past simply broad scouring, it additionally completes an optional cleaning activity, which guarantees the evacuation of plaque also. Therefore, the Dr Bei electronic toothbrush conveys a high recurrence vibration of 31000 beats for each moment.

The more slender swarms and the littler head make it simple to achieve blind sides. It additionally bolsters two unique modes called Standard and Soft, which can be balanced based on your gum affectability. Xiaomi has additionally put-in a progressive start-up system, which keeps you from spilling toothpaste.

The Dr Bei Sonic Electric toothbrush accompanies a 700mAh battery that Xiaomi cases can keep going for 21 days, if utilized once every day. Its 5V-1A charger additionally serves as a kickstand and takes around 4 hours to charge the toothbrush sans preparation. The toothbrush additionally includes an IPX7 waterproof form and weighs just 90 grams.

The greater part of Xiaomi’s mechanical toothbrushes were a colossal hit in the Chinese market. With premium highlights and low estimating, there is no uncertainty about Dr Bei Sonic Electric toothbrush being similarly fruitful. Lamentably, it doesn’t look like Xiaomi ever anticipates conveying the item to the Indian market at any point in the near future.

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