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IPhone Will Be Half The Price This Year After the Iphone X, Starting From $550

Apple prepares to offer the new iphones “Half-Price”, Starting from $550, and two more with “AMOLED” Screen starting from 899.


Many people want to buy the iphone , but the truth is the iphone  is too expensive as it’s start from $1000 for iphone x.

The digital expert Ming Chi -ku says: Apple will offer 3 phones this year.
Including 1 of the phones will be with “LCD 6.1 inch”, and the two other phones will be “AMOLED 8.5 and 5.6 inch”.

In the china market the “Multi SIM” is common and lovely between the people, so if Apple supply the phone with “Multi SIM” it will be impulse for the company, while the phones will be “Half-Priced” they are expecting to sell more and more phones this year!

Sources said: The new iphone with “AMOLED” Screen will start from 899 instead of 999 this year.

This will be this first time that Apple sells a new phones cheaper than the older.

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