Lenovo Flex 11 .. Cheap Convertible Computer

Despite the technological development and the love of people to carry small-sized smart phones to move anywhere, there is a small crisis in the consideration of the mobile may not provide all the services desired by the individual and therefore you must acquire a laptop or tablet, Lenovo is unveiling a new, cheap laptop computer called Lenovo Flex 11.

Now the Lenovo Flex 11 computer is available for sale through the websites and also through Lenovo’s official website, which can be ordered at: flex-4-11 /, and is expected to start this computer access to various international markets in the coming period.

Features of the Lenovo Flex 11 Lenovo Flex:
First, this computer has a screen that can be rotated completely and it turns from a laptop to a Tablet, and the manufacturer deliberately combines this computer between the features of Windows and Android applications through the Chrome OS OS K, and was also manufactured from a solid body to bear Collisions with a battery can work for 10 hours.

Official Specifications of Lenovo Lenovo Flex Flex 11:
– Screen: 11.6 inches.
– Processor: Quad Core.
– Frequency: 2.1 GHz.
– Random RAM: 4 GB.
– Internal memory: 32 GB.
– USB port.
– USB-C port.

Computer Price Lenovo Flex Flex Lenovo 11:
The cost of this computer is 279 dollars, which is about 1000 riyals. This computer is considered to be one of the cheapest computers compared to many other companies’ computers. We are still waiting to reach the Arab markets where only one color is available.

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