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We all have their own taste in everything, even if they are web browsers, you may prefer a particular browser that your friend does not like. There are many web browsers which differ in terms of the manufacturer and some features and add-ons, but they were all created for one purpose, linking the use to the web. Access to websites.

Today we will talk about the best browsers currently available and the history and features of each browser on the other.

Opera Web Browser (Opera)
Was founded by Opera Software ASA in 1995 after it was a research project for Telenor, a Norwegian telecom company, of which Opra Software is a subsidiary. Is the preferred browser for 400 million people around the world. This makes the Chinese company (Qihoo) considering buying it in 2016 for 600 million dollars

The Opera browser provides a zoom feature, and is one of the first browsers to provide this feature. It also offers a special browsing feature that enables you to browse in a very confidential way. It also features Turbo Mode, which enables you to compress the page size.

Windows Internet Explorer (Explorer)
It was included with Windows 95 from Microsoft to help users access the Internet, and then the company developed and updated one version after another until Internet Explorer users made up 90% of Internet users between 2002 and 2003

It does not offer the special browsing feature, but it provides the zoom feature and its main feature is that it shows a warning when the user tries to access a dangerous page, and you can close the spam and unwanted pages.

Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla Firefox)
When this browser was created, it was known as Phoenix in 2002, after which the name was changed to Mozilla Firefox in 2004, by Mozilla Foundation. During the first year of its release exceeded the number of downloads of the browser 60 million uploads, and surpasses the Internet Explorer browser.

It supports more than 79 languages, supports private browsing and file management via the DuanLoudManager,

Safari web browser
Of Apple’s manufacturing and was adopted in its Mac OS X Panther systems and then included in its smartphones in 2007.

It has a feature known as Web Inspector, a feature that helps you to change the names of pages and sites as well as their chronological order and others. It also has a very unique feature that allows to prevent the display of certain content from a site page that has been closed without having to close the entire page, Favorites, log list and others

Google Chrome browser
Of the manufacturing company Google Google, announced in 2008 and in 2011 Google Chrome browser beat the famous browser Mozilla Firefox in terms of the number of users, and as the number of users of this browser is increasing, the number of users of Chrome Chrome in 2012 300 million users around the world.

It is the world’s number one browser, with 62% of users worldwide

Google Chrome provides download manager service, you can delete the page history as you like, it provides Task Manager, which enables you to manage web pages, and provides the synchronization of favorite pages and history through the Google account linked to the browser.

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