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Modern technology gives the blind the right to practice video games

Many children and even adults give themselves time to enjoy video games with modern technology, but there are blind people who do not have the chance to see and look, and did not enjoy these wonderful games, but with technological advances it became impossible there, and it is right for the blind to enjoy Video games and this is what we will recognize in the following lines.

Games for the blind
A new system called RAD is a shortcut to the racing audit display. This system enables the blind to practice video games as racing games through the audio presentation of the game. This was done by researcher Smith, a doctoral student at Columbia University. The blind man plays the game or the triathlon games as if he Already exercised by voice and image.

This was confirmed by many of those who had the right to implement with researcher researcher Smith’s doctoral team, where he stressed that what is in the game of the mechanisms give the blind feeling and experience of the game not only, but the virtual reality experienced by the contestant can coexist with the atmosphere of real car racing

The audio range of the game
With the RAD system, the blind player will have two audio guidance systems. It may first have an intermittent tone, and the blind can determine the speed of the car and the path of the car’s path. Second, the sound of the atmosphere of the car at the time of the race is available from the detours and directions of the roads between Left and right are heading towards the car.

Smith Research results
The PhD researcher at Columbia Smith confirms that he has collected nearly fifteen volunteers to test the level of integration between the two hearing systems we have referred to over the previous lines. He himself took this combination so that the blind player can understand the direction, direction and speed of the vehicle and everything that happens. But the Smith team was eager to develop it. It’s not just about the game of cars, it’s more about it and they have the right to choose between more than one game with this great technique. Alia Smith and his team arrived.

It is clear that the next few years will undoubtedly see a boom in this area. We have always used the beginning of Al-Ghaith to begin with a drop. This research and application by Smith, a PhD student at Columbia University, may have been a nascent idea of ​​a volcano of modern ideas and technologies for people with special needs, Especially the blind, especially as they have every right to practice life and enjoy it like other natural human beings

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