Explain how to learn the graphics card information

The screen card is one of the most important specifications to consider when buying a computer or important things to know in any device type is the size of ram, device generation, and specifications of the graphics card. The graphics card is one of the most important parts responsible for displaying images, graphics and data on the screen.

Screen types
NIVIDIA and AMD are competing for better and higher quality graphics cards, and there is an internal and external graphics card. NIVIDIA NVIDIA is the best company to produce screen cards and compete with many of the products produced by the company. Companies.

What is the difference between external and internal cards?
The internal graphics card is integrated with the processor itself. The internal or built-in graphics card depends on the processor and RAM capability. If your job is to browse the Internet, write, watch movies, and play some small games with small space and distance from 3D games, It does not make the price of the device high, you can buy any laptop or computer according to the price category available to you.

The external screen card is separate and can be purchased alone. It depends on itself without the power of RAM or the processor. It is more powerful and efficient compared to the built-in screen controller in terms of processing high-resolution designs, graphics games, montage,

How to choose and find out your graphics card
Not only do you know the name of the screen card, but the manufacturer and the power of the card and its ability and several other things, in any case there are two ways to know the type of screen card and details, and you do not need any programs or other things to discover the internal or external screen card.

Method 1:
From the start menu, choose control panel, select hardware and sound, select devices and printers, and select Device Manager as shown in the image.

Graphics card

2. When you double-click (Display Adapter), it will display the name of the card, the manufacturer, and the type of device.

How to learn the screen card

3. If you choose “Details”, a list will be displayed to select the information you want to know about the card and it will appear clearly and adequately.

How to learn the screen card

Method 2
1 – through the operating window by entering the Start menu and then open the Run window, enter a command (dxdiag) and press the Enter key, or click OK.
A window will appear from the window that appears. Display is selected that gives all the details related to the card including the size of the graphics card such as the name of the device, the type of the graphics card, its size, and the size of the meter.

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