Specifications and Images Google Home Mini and Google Home Max

At the beginning of October, Google made a press conference entitled “Made by Google 2017” and revealed many of its products, the most prominent event during the events of this conference is the disclosure of the second generation of the famous series of pixels, which included Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL and also the laptop Google Pixel Facebook, but today we will talk about another part of this conference, which included the detection of Google Home Mini Google and Google Home Max Google Home Max.

Over the past year, Google has detected Google Home, and some may think that this device is just a wireless headset, but we can give it a more comprehensive description is the home smart home appliance, especially that it can control many home appliances, and has Such tools have begun to proliferate with users as some companies have begun to work on similar devices for competition.

When is Google Homestay and Google Home Max sold on the market?
Google announced that the pre-booking process for these devices will start on October 11 and then eight days later, on October 19, the company will begin to deliver these devices to users and begin the formal sale in different markets.

Google Home Mini Specifications Google Home Mini:
With this small device, you can do many tasks via voice commands. This device starts with Google Assistant, so you can give it voice commands to search for words on the Internet and also to play audio files. If your home allows smart control, Doors or many other things of intelligent control you can control over the voice commands of this device.

The purpose of the detection of Google Mini Home is the competition of the product Amazon, which is called Amazon Dot, which achieved good sales from the company, while the price of the device Google Home Mini Google Home Mini is $ 49, which is equivalent to about 183 riyals.

Specifications and price of Google Home Max Google Home Max:
We can say that this version is the largest and the most in terms of functions and services as well as the most expensive, with the size of the large voice becomes higher and stronger is also available in the system of Google Smart Assistant, which allows you to search in Google and the operation of audio files, but this device is very sophisticated it Automatically modifies the sound level according to the size of the room in which it is also running audio files according to its position in the room also, the price of this device is 400 dollars, which is equivalent to approximately 1500 riyals.

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