9 Robots invented ancient without technological intervention

Certainly when we talk about the robots today it will be very puzzling because of the conflict and competition that exists among the technological companies that are working on the development of robots such as Google and Tesley and other leading companies in this area, after the idea of ​​the old human is under the ideas The science fiction of filmmakers and fiction writers for excitement, and people in past years did not expect it to come to the present progress.

There are now sports competitions for the game of football among the robots, as they were calculated on the sites of social communication and already communicated with users without human control, but there were attempts by a number of people who were the first seed of great development Which we live today.

1 – moving statues
Around 1100 BC, the ancient Egyptians invented moving statues, which were operated by a mechanical system by means of rope rollers. These statues were responsible for the selection of rulers from among male royal families. The Greeks also had an invention that was miraculous. Operated by hydraulic system, this invention could stand and sit and be used in royal processions.

2 – the invention of the server
In 220 BC, the Greek inventor Philon developed the first mechanic conception of the servant who prepared the drink, carried the food and brought it to the audience, but his invention did not come into being at that time because of the dependence of the people on the servants.

3 – the automatic arm
In 213 BC, an inventor of Syracuse made an arm of any man who was placed at the top of the ships and could intercept and sink the Roman vessels during the war. These arms were invented according to the laws of Archimedes theory and the law of buoyancy and lift.

4 – Innovations inventor Heron Alexandria
The inventor of Heron al-Iskandari lived between 10-70 AD, and during this period he introduced many inventions and theories that were the nucleus of great development in this field, such as selling water through the use of coins and automatic doors, but the most famous inventions at all are the trilogy vehicle The wheels, which were towed by robots to the yards and offered to viewers.

5. Leonardo da Vinci’s Knight Robot
Leonardo da Vinci has made great contributions to the robotics industry, where Da Vinci combines Heron’s Alexandrian theories with anatomy and sculpture. He has already built a human being in the form of an armored knight who stands and sits and moves his head.

6- A man to cure depression
During the reign of Emperor Charles V of Italy between 1500 and 299 AD, Gianliano Torriano made a series of small innovations that work through simple mechanics to treat the governor’s depression, such as wooden birds flying in the room and small soldiers who collide in front of him on the table, Is still preserved at the Smithsonian Institute in Italy, and this invention is the worshiper monk, a body resembling the human body made of iron and wood, holding in his hand a chain to raise it in his hand and accept it.

7- The mechanical doll
The mechanical doll was invented in Japan in 1868 and was named “Caracory Nengio”. This invention was the first real implementation of the human being to provide tea and drinks to attend religious ceremonies.

8. Automatic flute player
Jacques de Vucanson manufactured a man to play the flute, and although it was difficult to play the flute, the invention was playing the flute, and Foucanson’s invention was able to play 12 rhythms with a mechanical system made of pipes and weights that acted like a blower.

9 – Painter
A Swiss watchmaker named Henry Maylardit has created a man like a little boy who can draw simple paintings, and it takes about 3 minutes to make one.

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