Technology will change the shape of the world

There is a set of technology or terms that until recently was just a science fiction that we see only in American movies or even in cartoons. We used to laugh when we recall that those shots may actually come true in the real world, but under what We are witnessing in our time with the rapid evolution of many sciences, and the theories confirm that many of the fantastic facts will be seen in the next few years, certainly, and this is also confirmed by scientists who predicted that this technology will make a terrible change in the form of the world Which we know today both in the long run Or remote.

 Technology will change the shape of the world: – There are a number of modern technology, which will change the shape of the world, namely:
1 – Cloud computing technology: – The efficiency is known not only to reduce costs, but the ability to deal with data, and then develop applications around them as information becomes surrounded us in all directions, and therefore our mind can not absorb all this information, and Especially with its great ramifications and even its presence in many different disciplines. Therefore, it is important to have a set of platforms that can work to contain this information, to produce something good, and to benefit from it by addressing it.

This is why cloud computing, which can enable us to process a lot of data on the Internet, according to those data, we will find in the years to come an extraordinary increase in the use of cloud computing in many businesses, so the world will need a lot of Application developers across cloud computing.

2 – Artificial intelligence technology: – Artificial intelligence is one of the branches of computer engineering, and as a result of many of the fictional films that contain it may distort the original on many in many areas, including learning the machine that may help to overcome many of the jobs In addition, its use may reduce the cost of in-plant production. Artificial intelligence branches are expected to thrive and develop in the coming years.

Artificial intelligence, therefore, will create new types of functions that we never heard of before, but will be urgently needed, especially in software, image processing, and electronics, enabling us to deal with the system as a whole.

3 – Technology of the tolerance of movement: – People in this age need to know without sitting in a particular place, and therefore the devices Laski become the best-selling, and more demand around the world, especially if the treatment is strong, and contains many options or Good applications.

4 – Technology of the men of the right: – The era in which we live a lot of advances in the field of electronics in general, and so began to develop theories of the human body significantly, and emerged many things that enabled us to use many achievements in many From areas such as manufacturing or space.

One of the most prominent examples of this is the cars that will lead themselves later and will be linked somewhat to artificial intelligence, which will make the men perform the most skilled work, and more accurate, and thus will create a number of work related to the service of this area, which They did not exist before.

Cybersecurity: – It is necessary to conduct a large amount of information through the local networks and the Internet, so there must be sufficient security factors to transfer this information without allowing anyone to be able to penetrate, especially as it is expected to link our lives to the Internet More than the current, and therefore in the event of any breach of data or information may lead to major disasters such as we see in science fiction movies.

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