The importance of the invention of Facebook for a new time unit

The famous Facebook site recently announced that it has launched a new time unit, called “Flex”, which is about 1/705600000 of the second, and it is worth mentioning that this new time unit will not have a wide impact in Real world, as it contributes, and effectively works to improve the performance of virtual reality technologies.

The importance of the invention of Facebook for a new time unit: – Many may wonder about what is wrong in the ordinary seconds, which is what motivated the management of Facebook to create a new unit of time of its own, knowing that the second time unit is a standard unit registered and even internationally recognized Of the International System of Units. The Flex or Flex module, which was created to measure and control the synchronization of video units, and visual or visual content by Facebook, is a time unit based primarily on C ++ programming language.

It is also known that the process of video recording is displayed in 24 frames per second, so each frame or content of a length of 04166666667 seconds, and if necessary to modify it accurately or check the number of moving frames Required for video, is usually difficult to synchronize with the calculation of the duration of these sections in normal seconds, and therefore the importance of the new flake unit, which makes this faster and more accurate.

The Flex module is designed to help measure the duration of individual frames for video frame rates. Even if the user’s video is “24hz, 25hz, 30hz, 48hz, 50hz, 60hz, 90hz, 100hz or 120hz” which enables him to use Flex to make sure that each moment will be synchronized while maintaining the use of integers (instead of decimals) .

The C ++ programmers already use built-in tools to manage this type of synchronization, especially when it comes to visual or visual effects. The timing used, and the most accurate in C + + “Is the nanosecond, which was one of the main disadvantages of not dividing the tires evenly in most frame rates, and therefore came the idea of ​​inventing a new time unit to solve this problem.

The invention of this new time unit dates back to last year, when the developer Christopher Horvath published the idea in advance on Facebook, and a team of experts interested in video technology was consulted to confirm the effectiveness of the idea. They can be theoretically effective, but their effectiveness will be assured only after practice.

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