Specifications of the new ChromeBook 11 from ACER

Acer has recently released a new version of the CHROMEBOOK 11, a new addition to the same context of Chromebok devices at low cost and high potential.

Highlights of the new CHROMEBOOK 11: –
1. The new Acer CHROMEBOOK 11 is equipped with a battery that can last up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

2. The device is originally designed without fan, in order to make the laptop quieter so that the user can walk freely in many places such as family room, library, or cafe in a safe and hassle free way.

There are two types of USB 3.0 connections, and for the first time, they are USB 3.1 TYPE-C.
4. There is a touch screen version of CHROMEBOOK 11, and there is a display option of non-touch.
5. The device can run Android applications.

The CHROMEBOOK 11 screen is very familiar with a modern laptop, since the display screen is 11.6 inches in size with only 1366 x 768 resolution, such as previous devices.

CHROMEBOOK 11: The new CHROMEBOOK 11, which was launched in the August period, was originally intended for students. However, the device is small in size, with a size of 0.71 Inch, which means that the device is very thin which may make it very decent to move around all the example of the library or cafe, which is the goal that is always sought by the company ACER always.

The device is equipped with the Intel Celeron processor, as with the other Acer Chromebooks, because it comes with 2GB or 4GB memory, 16GB or 32GB storage, and the CHROMEBOOK 11 is equipped with an HDR camera with dual stereo speakers and an integrated microphone.

Price of the new CHROMEBOOK 11: – The device will be available in stores and markets soon, specifically in the “Canada and the United States,” starting at about $ 249, and it seems that the company by launching this new device CHROMEBOOK 11 With new features and features, you want to have a strong position in the market of this particular type of hardware.

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