The difference between LCD screen and LED screen

The current era is accompanied by technological developments, especially in the television screens, which witnessed a remarkable development in recent times. The first was the emergence of plasma screens and then the screens and then the LCD screens and finally the green screens and maybe there is something newer but it did not reach the Arab world. Which detailed a detailed explanation of the features of the screen (LCD) and the screen (ID) and the difference between them and the disadvantages of each.

First: LCD screen

LCD screens. In these screens, the image has been greatly improved and more evident than the old screens, where LCD technology was created to replace the CRT technology (the old big TV from the rear).

Liquid crystal technology uses two essential components of the display: Liquid Crystal Molecules, Fluorescent Lamps, or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps. Fluorescent cathode lamps illuminate liquid particles with white light. When white light passes, the image appears and is used. These screens are in computers, mobile phone and picture display screens.

Main features of LCD screens:

1 – increase the proportion of clarity and accuracy of the image.
2. Thinner than old screens and weighs much lighter.
3 – The angle of view of the picture is wide and large and can reach up to 175 degrees.

4. These screens provide great power consumption.
5. It has fixed images that resist burning pictures.
6. Very ideal for places with high illumination.

The main disadvantages and disadvantages of the LCD screens:

1 – low contrast ratio of images.
2. It can not be used in places with low illumination.
3 – This type of screens do not have the ability to achieve the quality of real black images.

Second: LCD screens

These screens are the most advanced model in television screens, and they are the advanced model in the LCD, where they use the (advanced diode) light for backlight, which is the alternative to traditional light (the fluorescent lamps of the electrode pole).

Main features of LCD screens:
1 – These screens require a lot of black spots that were previously seen due to the presence of fluorescent lamps.

2 – also characterized by the quality and clarity of images.
3- The color variation is very high.
4 – Display images have the widest possible angles.

5. The screens are more energy efficient.
6 – Light weight and thickness is very few.
7. This type of virtual life screen is much longer than other screens.

The main disadvantages and disadvantages of the LCD screens:

It has no technical defects or disadvantages in manufacturing and its only disadvantage may be that its cost is higher than its plasma and LCD screens.

A quick comparison between the two screens:
1. Viewing Angle:
This is the angle by which the image on the TV can be seen. The picture can be clearly seen while sitting. The TV is either in the case of standing on one side of the screen, the clarity of the picture varies according to the screen and the angle being considered. D) on the LCD screen.

2. Power consumption:

Power consumption is extremely important because the heat generated by the monitor increases as the energy consumed by the screen is large. The LCD screen is the lowest type of power consumption.

3- Color:

Color is one of the most advantageous features of modern television. It is clearly color and quality, and the color quality of the screen can not be judged because it depends on several other factors, including the source of the material displayed.

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