Australian scientists are developing a drone to measure the heartbeat 60 meters away

A team of Australian scientists has developed an unmanned drone capable of measuring the human heart rate 60 meters away, a scientific and technological development that provides speed in medical aid in case of natural disasters.

The researchers, led by Jauhan Schal at the University of Yonesa, southern Australia, showed that the plane was able to measure a person’s heart rate by using a headless camera that was only one millimeter in size.

“In the event of a humanitarian disaster, priority should be given to the neighborhoods where the unmanned drones have been able to provide medical assistance to these victims,” ​​he said, adding that the plane was equipped with a face recognition program and a heart rate measure capable of saving the lives of about 100 people. Daily.

The UAV was developed in cooperation with the Australian Defense Force (ADF), which will be used when humanitarian disasters occur.

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